Can Baby Fish Eat Bloodworms? (Know The Fact)

Baby fish are very small in size, and feeding them is one of the curious things to do. Bloodworms are one of the most loved foods of various adult fish, and people have asked, can baby fish eat bloodworms?

The undoubted answer to the above question is yes, baby fish can eat bloodworms without hesitation whenever you serve them. They enjoy eating while eating bloodworms and get benefits.

Are Bloodworms Safe For Small Fish?

Yes, bloodworms are safe for small fish. Bloodworms can also be a nutritious snack for your fish. They are safer and fully digestible, so they are good for them.

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However, bloodworms should be offered as a treat or used as a temporary food source. As for baby fish, it is safe to eat bloodworms if they are in the tank when the worms are offered.

Fish will often go for bloodworms because of their high protein content. Bloodworms, also known as chironomids, live in the surface film of ponds and lakes.

They are not a threat to aquatic plants or animals because they have no filter feeders, parasites, or predators.

The bloodworms are the medium to which small fishes can live. Therefore, small fishes need bloodworms to live and survive.

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What Baby Fish Can Cat Bloodworms?

Popular Baby Fishes who can eat bloodworms are listed below:

  • Black Molly
  • Black Neon Tetra
  • Jewel Fish
  • Otto Catfish
  • Rummy Nose Tetra
  • Jewel Fish
  • Pike Fish
  • Axolotl Fish

Baby fishes need nutritious food to grow. When they feel like they are outgrowing their tank, they will bite a piece of the substrate and use it as a platform to jump onto the feeding bowl.

If you want your baby fishes to survive and grow, feed bloodworms consistently during this time. But make sure you know how much bloodworm is enough for your tank size fish before mixing them in with the water.

How To Feed Bloodworms To Baby Fish?

Various methods are used to fee bloodworms to baby fishes some are written below:

01. They are often served to baby fishes in the aquarium. First thing is to dry them in a dehydrator to make them crunchy. When done, they are typically soaked in warm water to rehydrate before feeding.

It can be accomplished by either dropping them in an uncovered dish or shallow bowl of hot water for five minutes before the fish are fed or soaking them in water for five minutes before dropping them into the tank.

2. Another way that many aquarists serve bloodworms is to fry them with cooking oil until they puff up and turn brown (but not black).

The revealed side effect is that they release their moisture content and shrink to about half of their size.

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3. Another way used in the pet store is by hot water immersion. It means that you’ll need some boiling water (just like when you make tea) and some cool water (or like your drink after you make tea). This way, you can ensure that the worms are killed but still live.

Ideally, when you take them out of the hot water, they should be moving but not much, and if they are moving a lot, then your water is too hot or for too long.

The best thing about this method is that when you drop them in the tank or container with your fish, they will stay at the bottom where your fish will not pick on them.

You can scoop up some of your tank water and drop in the worms using a net and a spoon. 

How Often & How Much To Feed Baby Fish Bloodworms?

You can feed one bloodworm to one baby fish once a week. But please make sure to change the water, clean the tank or container and release old water after feeding.

Open the lid over the container of bloodworms, reach in with your hand until it touches the bottom, and pull out one bloodworm.

Place it in front of your fish’s mouth (use tweezers if you do not want to touch it) until baby fish eats it. You should only feed one worm at a time.

Can Baby Guppies Eat Bloodworms?

Yes! Baby guppies can eat bloodworms without any hesitation. However, it is recommended to feed them with a spoon to prevent them from swallowing all the blood at once and causing an intestinal blockage.

The best way to feed bloodworms to baby guppies is by leaving the food in their tank for a few hours before feeding, then gently scooping it out and handling them gently so they will not spook.

Can Axolotl Eat Bloodworms?

Yes, axolotls can eat bloodworms. They are amphibians and can eat any insect larvae, including the bloodworm. Bloodworms are like candy to them.

Axolotls are so hungry that they will eat the bloodworms before the worms can eat them. The axolotl hunts down and chases away any potential predators such as fish or frogs that try to eat it when it’s in the water.

If you want your axolotl to grow up healthy, you should feed bloodworms once a week.

Final Words

After knowing that baby fish can eat bloodworms, it is your first responsibility to feed them bloodworms in a proper way with a schedule, as discussed earlier in the above post.

Small bloodworms would be preferred for feeding them as they will easily consume and digest the bloodworms without a lot of effort.

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