Can Bettas Eat Peas? (Healthy or Toxic?)

Betta fish eat different foods to meet the nutritional requirement for health. Bettas also eat various vegetables, but peas are one of the veggies discussed for feeding bettas. Can bettas eat peas?

Bettas can eat peas due to the health benefits that peas provide, especially for digestion. You can feed peas to the betta fish as their nutrients are healthier.

Are Peas Safe For Bettas?

Yes, peas are safe to feed to your betta fish. Peas help recover sick fish because they are high in vitamins and essential nutrients.

Can Bettas Eat Peas, do betta fish eat peas

Due to their low protein content, these are also beneficial in reducing the amount of ammonia in the water.

In terms of a nutritional point of view, peas consist of vitamins A and C as well as calcium and iron. Vitamins A, C, and Calcium will help your fish’s bones grow.

Vitamin C will also benefit your bettas by preventing diseases, improving digestion, and accelerating recovery.

But peas should not be a major part of your betta’s diet. Bettas cannot survive on plant-based diets.

While a few green peas will not affect the health of your fish, an unbalanced diet will cause them to become deprived or sick. So, Give your betta peas as a treat frequently.

Are Peas Bad For Bettas?

No, peas are not bad for bettas. Even peas are healthier vegetables to feed betta fish. But the concern is about its quantity and feeding schedule as betta fish are omnivores, so their diet also comprises vegetables.

But make sure to balance their diet by serving all the nutrition. So, peas are not bad for betta when consumed in a moderate amount.

It is observed that feeding green peas to betta is beneficial for them. Its high fiber content will help quickly flush out the contents of your fish’s stomach in an emergency.

If your pet fish has bloat, constipation, or swim bladder disease, you should first try to empty its stomach.

How To Feed Bettas Peas?

To feed peas to your betta, go through the steps given below.

Peel The Skins off

Before feeding the peas to your betta, you must remove the outer layer of the skin. Use your fingers to peel the skin away. After removing the skins from the peas, discard them.

Boil For Softening

Before feeding peas to your betta, they must be softened by boiling. To boil the peas, place a few fresh or frozen peas in boiling water for about a minute, then take them out or strain the water.

You do not need to cook a lot of peas. At any given feeding, each fish will only require about ten to twelve peas.

Cut Into Smaller Pieces

Bettas have small mouths, so cut the peas before feeding them to your fish. Make sure the pieces are small enough for the betta fish to eat easily. 

Serve Them Peas

Drag your finger across the top of the water before dropping in the chopped pea to attract your fish’s attention. Or put a piece of the pea on a toothpick and drag it around the fish tank if your betta won’t eat it.

Make sure not to harm your fish with the toothpick. Remove any leftovers from the water if there are any. Food left in the bottom of your tank will pollute the water and may make your betta sick.

How Often & How Much To Feed Peas To Bettas?

Feed green peas to betta fish once a week as a treat or remedy hack. Even though peas contain some essential minerals and vitamins, betta can get those from their main diet too.

Other than feeding peas to betta, make sure to distribute the green pea with other food types like flakes and blood worms.

This allows your fish to absorb the essential nutrients from the other fish’s food. For example, feed peas twice a week, so divide the feedings three to four days apart.

But if betta is suffering from bloat, constipation, or swim bladder disease, then feeding green peas can be helpful.

Feeding a moderate amount of peas as your betta fish will eat over several minutes is highly recommended.

If you observe that your betta almost finishes their whole meal, then serve them a little more quantity next time.

On the other hand, if you notice some leftovers or betta fish are not interested in eating more, serve them peas less to bring diversity to their diet

Ensure to remove any excess food to avoid ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate spikes caused by the decomposition of any food.

Can Betta Fish Eat Canned Peas?

Green peas in a can are not always safe for your fish to eat. Canned peas may contain additives that are harmful to your betta.

The main reason to worry is that any fertilizers, defoliants, or pesticides were used in their cultivation.

So, purchasing organic frozen peas, which are free of fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, and salt, is recommended.

If you are looking for green peas, look for those already harvested outside their pods at your local grocery store. The packaging should also bear an organic label.

Last Words

Peas are one of the best veggies to feed fish, and betta fish can eat peas without hesitation. Feeding them peas on a daily basis is not recommended.

However, peas are beneficial for their health, but it does not mean that you can feed them peas frequently. It would be best to keep in mind that not more than once a week is recommended when you are planning to feed peas.

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