40-Gallon Breeder Tank Guide (Setup & Important Tips)

A 40-gallon breeder tank has a lower profile than conventional aquariums. This makes it easier for the breeder tank to access the fish. The breeder tanks can be narrow, long, or almost square. It is up to the manufacturer.

Breeding is not an easy task! It takes a lot of time and skill to understand what is best for your fish, under what conditions they are likely to reproduce, and how to maintain the best environment.

40-Gallon Breeder Tank Dimensions

Each tank’s exact dimensions vary, but most tanks are 36 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 16 inches high (36 x 18 x 16).

40 gallon breeder tank

Usually, normal (unrefined) 40-gallon tanks are a bit shorter and much longer. When breeding, however, there are sometimes changes in the water level, so the dimensions of a breeding tank differ. They are often higher.

40-Gallon Breeder Tank Stand

Almost everyone uses breeder tank stands because they provide stability and function as good decoration in almost any interior type.

The stand also offers enough storage space for all your equipment, food, chemicals, and sanitary.

They come in all shapes and sizes so you can easily find the right one. The only drawback is that a breeder tank with a stand will inevitably take up a lot of space. Make sure you have enough space before you get it.

40-Gallon Breeder Tank Lid

The breeder tank lid is an important part of equipment for any breeder tank. It comes in different varieties and is used for multiple purposes. It can protect the fish from excessive light – this can be especially helpful as many youngsters need a slightly dim environment.

Also, a 40-gallon breeding tank cap can help to keep your fish in the tank. This is necessary for species that become easily stressed and start jumping out of the water.

Breeder Tank Background

A background in your 40-gallon breeder tank can make a big difference in the appearance of your breeder. It will also create a theme for your breeder to help decorate. It will also help some fish that can be hot and scary when they see their reflection in the glass.

There are different backgrounds, and the sporn breeder background can be used most in the 40-gallon breeder tank.

With its vibrant colors and detailed HD images, it is sure to have a lifelong impact on your tank. Excellent for creating a beautiful display and improving the appearance of the breeder tank.

Sporn breeder background Can be adapted to most aquarium sizes. You can quickly cut the knife to the desired shape and size according to your tank’s requirements. Strengthens the tank and keeps it away from dirt.

The bracket is attached directly to the breeder and does not damage the tank when removed. It leaves no scratches, stains, or residue when removed.

You can also paint the back of your tank on the outside if you want to be artistic and create your own design background. Many people choose this because it is so cheap and you can try a few with the color.

Remember to paint the outside of the tank to prevent the chemicals from getting into the water and poisoning the fish.

One of the most important things that directly affect your fish’s behavior and color is an aquarium background. It is best to place the background on two or three sides of your breeder tank.

How To Clean The Old Fish Tank – A Complete Cleaning Guide

Fish Tank Divider

Breeder tank dividers are used to keep fish separate without having to worry about different water parameters. If you choose to breed smaller fish, you may want to use the divider to split the tank into two or three sections to give you more options.

The best way to keep more fishes in the 40-gallon breeder tank is with a sponge tank divider. Most of the participants are limited to space. This is our solution. Tank dividers can be used to separate fishes of the same type but with different color variations.

The divider prevents the mixing of breeding. There are many types of tank dividers among them one is foam type.

Foam type: black mesh foam

Thickness 3 cm

Thickness per inch (ppi): 35

Size: 18 x 15.5 x 3

Weight of 40-Gallon Breeder Tank

To calculate the 40-gallon breeder tank’s weight, multiply the tank’s area by the wall thickness in millimeters and again by the weight of the Glass per millimeter. Glass is approximately 0.5165 pounds per square foot per millimeter thick.

Dimensions of 40-gallon breeder tank are

  • Length = 36
  • Width = 18
  • Height = 16
Size of TankEmpty weight(pounds)Filled weight(pounds)
40-gallon breeder tank58 458

Breeder Tank Heater

A 40-gallon breeder tank needs at least a 120-watt heater if the breeder tank temperature is 5 degrees more than the room temperature in which it is kept. If the breeder tank is 10 degrees more than, a 200-watt heater will be needed for a 40-gallon breeder tank.

Temperature is an essential part of a breeder environment. The function of the heater is to make the temperature of the breeder constant. During spawning and breeding, this factor can be essential.

When breeding, some types of fish are very sensitive to the slightest changes in temperature. When choosing a heater, always pay attention to the temperature requirements for the breed you are breeding.

An adjustable heater is a good choice because some fish need different temperatures to breed.

40-Gallon Breeder Tank Filter

Filters are very important for any breeding tank. By eliminating waste, it helps in maintaining a healthy growth environment. It also distributed the nutrients in the tank.

It is essential to have a filter in your breeding tank because it creates regular flow. The regulation of water flow is crucial for the growth of some species.

Sponge filters are the best type for 40 gallons breeder tank because they are not too expensive and work well for a medium tank.

The sponge filter is beneficial for its mechanical and biological filtration as long as you don’t wash the sponge too often to get the beneficial bacteria.

Also, many filters have biological filters that are responsible for useful bacteria that grow and eat algae. This reduces the likelihood that algae will build up in the breeder tank.


What size is a 40-gallon breeder tank?

Estimates for the size of the 40-gallon tank are 36 “long and 18” high. The distance from front to back is 16.

If you buy a glass tank, the weight for that size would be about 55 pounds. A similarly-sized acrylic aquarium weighs half or just over 20 to 25 pounds. The cost of the acrylic container would be much higher. Glass is always cheaper.

Can a 40-gallon breeder tank hold water?

Of course, a 40-gallon breeder tank holds water up to 150 liters approximately. The weight of an empty 40-gallon breeder tank is 58 pounds, and if a breeder is full of water and other things, its weight is 458 pounds.

1 liter of water = 2.20 pounds of water.

So, 400 pounds of water =181.44 liter.

It has a maximum capacity of 181.44 liters, but the breeder tank also contains some decoration material such as plants and rocks. That’s why the 40-gallon breeder tank filled up to 150 liters.

Fill your tank to the bottom of the top frame and save some air space between the water and cover. Fill about a third of your breeder tank with room temperature water from a clean bowl.

If you pour water onto a plate or bowl on the gravel, the gravel stays in place. Add a water conditioner like Tetra Aqua Safe to chlorinate the water. Chlorine is good for you, not for your fish!

How many fish can you put in a 40-gallon breeder tank?

You can store a large number of fish in your 40-gallon breeder tank. Multiple fish can be placed in the aquarium if you make sure that no one is hurting others. The size and size of the fish to full growth should be carefully considered and therefore examined.

This ensures that your breeder has a calm and comfortable ecosystem. About 25 fish can be placed in a 40-gallon breeder tank, while the size matches the shape and size of the tank.

The idea of selecting fish based on different zones of the tank can be adopted to bring more diversity into the breeder. This breeder tank does not limit the number of fish.

As mentioned earlier, the amount of fish a 40-gallon tank can see is extremely high, so the tank can produce a good mix if stored well. The fish selected for the tank must be compatible and manageable.

It’s not a difficult task to make a 40-gallon tank colorful and bright with a mix of beautiful and bright flowers and fauna. Here are some of the fish that a 40-gallon breeder tank can embrace:

  • Discus
  • German Blue Ram
  • Gourami
  • Tetra Diamond Neon
  • Livebearer
  • Killifish
  • The Boesemani Rainbow
  • Guppy Fantail

While all of these fish find a comfortable habitat in a 40-gallon breeder tank, care must be taken to meet their needs. Devices such as heaters, filters, etc. Must be installed in a breeder so that the breeder environment is suitable for certain types of fish.


These breeder tanks contain 40 gallons of water. This is the most common reason for naming a 40-gallon breeder tank. Originally these tanks were built for the FW industry to grow out baby fish in these breeder tanks.

But unfortunately, these tanks were not sold as display tanks. The most common type of breeder is the 40’s. Besides them, there are 30 and 50’s breeders. 

A 40-gallon breeder tank has a relatively large area suitable for breeding a wide variety of species, including well-known tropical favorites and reef fish. It can be established both as a common breeding ground and as a species-specific tank.

The most famous option in a 40-gallon breeder tank is to breed large fish. This tank provides enough space to reproduce fish such as bettas, guppies, clownfish, plecos, or cichlids.

However, I don’t feel limited to fishing. This tank is an ideal environment for invertebrates, including Ghost, Amano, and Cherry shrimp. Other breeding options in such a tank include Driftwood Catfish (Auchenipteridae family), Armored Catfish, or Corydoras.

The 40-gallon breeding tank is the perfect choice for any aquarist who loves fish. The necessary equipment can be found in any store or bought online.

The specific equipment (filter, heater, etc.) depends entirely on the fish you want to feed. It is a great choice if you’ve ever tried to breed fishes.

The size of the fish is the most important factor to consider when choosing a breeder tank. Of course, you don’t need a tank the size of 40 gallons for growing smaller fish, but the larger your fish’s space, the happier they will be.

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