Can Angelfish Eat Cucumbers?

Angelfish are fond of eating various foods, including worms, homemade foods, fruits, vegetables, and many more. Cucumber is a vegetable, and many individuals have raised their query, can angelfish eat cucumbers?

Angelfish can eat cucumbers, and they are entirely safe for angelfish to eat. The values that cucumbers add to the growth of fish are also huge. If you want o feed them, make sure to serve them in a proper way.

Are Cucumbers Safe For Angelfish?

Yes, cucumbers are safe for angelfish. Cucumbers are hollow inside, so they won’t cause injury like many edibles. They have a sharp edge on one side of the stem that’s perfect for gently scrubbing an angelfish face and gills.

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Also, they have lots of water in the cucumber, nearly 14% when fresh, which is good for fish that may get dry from time to time during feeding or cleaning because their bodies can’t process salt effectively.

Although cucumbers have many health benefits, they can also be harmful to ornamental fish.

Cucumbers have been linked with a condition called Hypovitaminosis A (dry eye, rough skin, and death), and some species of angelfish are more susceptible to this. As a result, you should use caution when feeding your beautiful fish with cucumber.

Do Angelfish Like To Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, they do like to eat! One of the most frequently asked questions about angelfish is whether or not they like to eat cucumbers.

Despite their tough and hardy nature, some experts believe that angelfish are quite delicate, so feeding angelfish with fresh vegetables can help them digest their food more easily and avoid gastrointestinal problems.

As a result of this diet change and lessened toxicity in the tank water, you’ll even have fewer maintenance requirements for your aquaria.

How Do You Feed Angelfish Cucumbers?

There are many methods that you can use to feed cucumbers to angelfish. Some of these methods are listed below.

Place the cucumber on the bottom of the tank but not too close to the filter system or heater. Ensure that it is far enough away from any rocks or other hard objects to avoid it getting damaged.

Place a suction cup on one end of a cucumber and attach this to an inflow tube pointing towards the water’s surface in the tank. It will act as a feeder tube for your angelfish.

Insert the cucumber into a PVC pipe attached to an outflow tube on your filter system. It will allow your angelfish to feed on the floating cucumbers.

Place a suction cup on one end of the cucumber, and stick this onto the side of your tank.

Use an air pump to inflate a plastic bag, and place it near the surface of your aquarium water. When you see one or more angelfish swimming above it, attach it to their tank with a suction cup to keep it there.

Keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t shrink and start sinking below the waterline due to lack of air inside the bag.

The other option you can try is mentioned below.

Angelfish will often eat pieces of cucumber that have fallen onto the substrate or back of the aquarium.

If they do not, you may need to place a suction cup on one end of the cucumber and attach it to a rock or coral structure to raise it above the bottom of your tank.

Cut up a cucumber into small cubes and float them in an air-filled rubber glove. Please put it in an area of your tank where your angelfish are sure to find it, such as near a rock or coral structure.

Cut the cucumber into slices, which can then be placed in a cup of water. Place this in front of your angelfish and encourage them to feed on it to eat.

Cut the cucumber into tiny cubes, frozen, before placing them in an air-tight plastic container. Place this in front of your angelfish and encourage them to feed on it.

Cut the cucumber into slices, separate these by two or more layers, place these on the substrate, and leave them for your angelfish to eat at their leisure because they may be unable to see through them safely due to visibility issues.

How Often To Feed Cucumbers To Angelfish?

Angelfish should not be fed cucumbers more than once every ten days. If you feed your angelfish cucumbers more often than this, the probability of getting pin fins (filet of fish) decreases significantly.

How Much To Feed Cucumbers To Angelfish?

Cucumbers are high in phosphorus and low in nutrients your angelfish require for healthy growth, such as calcium and protein.

The recommended serving size is one cucumber, which provides about 0.1 grams of phosphorus (roughly 10% of the daily requirement) and no other nutrients for an average-sized angelfish (approximately 1 inch long).

Can You Feed Fish Raw Cucumber?

Yes, you can feed fish a raw cucumber. Fish are cold-blooded animals, meaning their body temperature matches the water they live in.

Colder water means lower body temperature, and because cucumber is refreshing and cooling, it will make the water feel even colder to your fish.

If you feed your fish raw cucumber for long enough, it’ll get sweeter. Cucumbers make sugars like glucose which can be converted into energy (just like humans). So yes, you can feed fish raw cucumber!


Feeding cucumbers to angelfish is completely safe until you are serving them in a proper way with a suitable quantity and frequency. Also, it is important to choose the right cucumbers for feeding them, as discussed above.

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