What Do Blue Tangs Eat? (Foods & Feeding Tips)

Blue tangs are one of the most attractive fishes due to their eye-catching appearance. Many individuals have posted questions about what do blue tangs eat? And what to feed them?

What To Feed A Blue Tang?

Blue tangs are omnivores, and they are famous for eating small creatures of aquatic such as plankton, and the proper diet of blue tang comes directly from algae.

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This fish uses sharp and small teeth to scrape the algae from the coral reef for eating purposes. The specific food of blue tangs is as follows.

  • Sheets of algae and commercial algae
  • Spinach or branched lettuce
  • Brine shrimp, blood worms
  • Food of pelleted herbivore
  • Marine flakes

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Blue Tang Food

Food of blue tangs includes the following.

  • Plankton
  • Mysis 
  • Meaty foods
  • They eat Algae, and they can also cover the corals.
  • They also eat vegetables because they are vegetarians and contain a lot of vegetables in their diet.
  • Blue tangs get benefit from green foods such as lettuce and nori.
  • In aquariums, live rock is the necessary food that blue tangs eat.

Blue tangs are present in the surrounding coral reefs and clear water. They are very diverse and are present in Indian and Pacific oceans that are elongated from American Samoa to the east coast of Africa.

  • In the wild, blue tangs eat algae specifically.
  • In large ecosystems, this makes the essential fish cogs.
  • Without other fish and blue tangs that eat the algae, the plants will kill coral and suffocate. This results in disturbing the food chain.

How To Feed Blue Tangs?

Blue tangs have speedy metabolism so that you can feed them thrice a day. Blue tangs can eat all types of food that are related to microalgae.

The growing size of blue tang is high-speed, so feeding blue tangs every day is very important.

The blue tangs have sharp and small teeth to get the algae. It would be best if you would feed blue tang with different types of algae.

The water temperature in which blue tangs are living should be 78 degrees F and 82 degrees F. the blue tangs also love meaty and frozen foods.

How Often To Feed Blue Tangs?

In the wild, blue tangs constantly graze, and you can feed them three times a day. In a reef tank, they will be fine if you have done the perfect filtration.

In any reef, there should be a lot of filtration in the tank. Like most herbivores, blue tangs are not perfect metabolizers as they are not efficient.

They are always finding the food and are fast metabolizers. The first thing you have to make sure of is that the healthy nutrients are maintained.

The primary food of blue tangs is marine algae, and the second thing they can feed on is live rock. So, there must be a lot of grazing opportunities in their meals.

You should give your tang a different diet every day and boost their diet with the help of marine seaweed by using the veggies to avoid the color removal of this fish.

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How Much To Feed Blue Tang?

As I have mentioned earlier, blue tangs have speedy metabolism, and you can feed your blue tang three times in a day if your tang is in a wild-like environment.

The advisable amount of foods to be served to blue tangs should be only in the quantity that blue tangs can finish in 4 to 6 minutes.

Blue Tang can eat everything that you will place in the tank. It would be best if you fed them with diverse food.

They can eat any macroalgae, and many think that blue tang can easily survive on algae food.

But the proper growth needs a different type of food every day. Blue tangs are constantly grazing, and they also grow at a high-speed rate. Blue tangs need to be fed whenever they are hungry.

What Does Atlantic Blue Tang Eat?

A large aquarium of 100 gallons is significant to give Atlantic blue tang large swimming areas. These blue tangs are furious towards Surgeonfish and tangs, but they are very peaceful with other types of fish.

The proper diet of Atlantic Blue Tang includes vegetarian atoms such as:

  • Zucchini
  • Spirulina
  • Leaf lettuce
  • Dried seaweeds

Atlantic Blue tangs are herbivores. That’s why they eat all types of vegetarian food. This type of blue tang does not look similar to the simple blue tang.

The body shape is very diverse. Atlantic blue tangs are approximately equal to the size of 2 inches when they are young. But after a few years, the growth of these tangs slows down to one inch each year.

What Do Powder Blue tangs Eat?

A powder blue tang requires a very well-balanced diet. Learning about their diet is very time-consuming, and the effort you will put into this process will reward you afterward.

The proper food of powder blue tangs includes:

  • Grazing on benthic algae.
  • Oxygen-rich waters of the reef are properly nutritious because it has fats, vitamins, proteins, and many minerals required to keep the fish in the best position.
  • These fish can also eat green, red, and brown algae. All these types of algae are the primary food source of tang.
  • Live rock is also the meal that powder blue tangs eat.


I hope the above article solved the query about what do blue tangs eat. The way of feeding them is one of the crucial things to do. Make sure that you are feeding them suitable foods as per their requirements.

If the blue tang is in captivity, you can provide them once a day. The food of blue tangs includes green flake, red flake, Spirulina, Mysis Shrimp, Rod Food, red and green seaweeds, and Arctic-pods.

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