What Do Rope Fish Eat? (Snakefish Foods & Feeding Tips)

Ropes fish is becoming day by day, and the questions are also getting increased about ropes fish. Many individuals want to know about what do rope fish eat and how you can properly feed them.

Rope fish are carnivores. Rope fish do eat insects, worms, frogs, small fish, and crustaceans in the wild. The last choice for the food of rope fish is fish due to the hunger for food.

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If the rope fish is not in the natural environment and you have kept in an aquarium, you can also feed them with given foods.

  • Chopped meats
  • Frozen foods
  • Prawns
  • Insect larvae
  • Mussel
  • Earthworms
  • Favorite of rope fish, blood worm
  • Beef hearts
  • Calamari
  • Brine shrimp
  • Mysis shrimp

The rope fish should be fed twice a day, but adult fish should be fed every day or within two days. The meal should depend on their size. People enjoy watching their fish eat

Rope fish lives in a muddy area, i.e., rivers and streams of tropical Africa. It has different physical characteristics.

Some of the specific characteristics of rope fish are, like eel shape, nostrils present on tentacles that extend from its flattened head.

How To Feed Rope Fish?

Rope fish are dependent upon the sense of smell to find out the position of food. This is because rope fish have poor vision, as we know that rope fish is carnivorous.

In their natural environment, rope fish feed on small fish, frogs, worms, insects, and crustaceans.

But if the rope fish is not in the natural environment, you can feed them with prawns, chopped meats, insect larvae, earthworms, blood worms, and mussels. As a rope, fish seem reserved as it prefers to hide in the rocks and driftwood. 

Rope fish emerge when the nighttime begins. This is because it is social fish. They can be present in the tank. There can be more than six fish in one tank, and these fish will hide together as a group.

Some of the owners of rope fish feed them with pallets and flakes to give them a proper diet. But the fish that have lived longer is not the one who eats pallets and flakes. The fish was the one who eats a meaty diet.

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How Often Do Rope Fish Eat?

The juvenile rope fish should be fed two times a day. But the adult fish should be fed every day or after two days. The food should depend upon the size of the meal.

There should be a constant diet for the rope fish as they will not survive as long as you want. As we know, in the natural environment, rope fish eat a few times a week.

These fish will not survive long as their diet is not constant. But in captivity, the rope fish can survive a long time as the people can take care of their diet.

But this fact can be understandable if you are away from your fish and cannot feed them regularly, but you should take care of their diet in a routine.

The people have different assumptions about the diet of rope fish. Some people also say that it is okay not to feed the rope fish regularly as the fish do not require regular feeding.

How Much To Feed Rope Fish?

Before turning out their light, you should feed them. In the wild, the rope fish can survive for a long time without food. But in captivity, you should feed rope fish with a constant diet.

You can select the normal amount of food that you are giving them regularly. The food can be 1-2 shrimps, or if you want to give large portions, you can give them 2-4 shrimps.

Rope fish do not adapt their selves according to the environment of water. Once they are adapted to your tank, you must maintain their environment.

The easiest way rope fish can be fed is is to put giant blood worms and worms in front of rope fish. You can feed them according to their need.

Adult fish requires feeding after one or two days. But the fish which is in the developing stage requires feeding twice a day. 

How Long Can Rope Fish Go Without Food?

Rope fish can survive without food for long times. The rope fish can survive without food for a long time in the wild compared to the fish in captivity.

There is nothing to worry about the food as rope fish is not affected. Some people do not worry about feeding their pet fish when they go on a trip somewhere away from home.

So if you want to go somewhere on the weekend, don’t be worry about the feeding of rope fish. But some people disagree with this concept as they think that rope fish in captivity should be fed regularly after one or two days.

But if the fish is small and is in the developing stage, this fish requires feeding every day. But the adult rope fish can survive without food for one or two days.

Can Rope Fish Eat Flakes?

Yes, rope fish can eat flakes. Most of the species of rope fish prefer to eat live food. At first, these fish will not eat commercial-made fish, but they can learn to eat pellets and flakes after some time.

Flakes are perfect for the health of rope fish. Those fish that swim in the middle of water and are surface feeders, flakes are great for them.

But the disadvantage of eating rope fish is that the nutrients present in the flakes are quickly soluble in the water.

These nutrients dissolve in the water. The water becomes unsuitable for the fish living in the bottom of an aquarium.

If you want to feed your fish with flakes, you can give them a few flakes per fish. These flakes will be sufficient for the rope fish.

If the fish eat all the food in two minutes, the food is sufficient for the fish. Overfeeding can harm your fish.

Do Rope Fish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, rope fish can eat the other fish, but it is the last option that the rope fish will choose. If many fishes stay in the tank and they are living together.

If the adult fish feels hungry and there is nothing to eat, the fish can eat the smaller rope fish. So, this means that you should be careful with their tank mate choices.

It would be best if you also took care of the health of rope fish and their diet. The species of rope fish do not accept dried food, always like small pellets and flakes.

So, frozen meat is the best choice to give them as a portion of food. Rope fish are nocturnal creatures as these fish rest all day and eat at night.

They are very efficient in learning as they can quickly understand feeding routines. They can also start feeding during the daytime.

Will Rope Fish Eat Guppies?

Yes, rope fish can eat guppies. Any aggressive and large carnivorous fish can eat guppies. Fish like crayfish, red tiger sharks, Oscars, cichlids, angelfish, barbs, etc., are the fish that can eat guppies.

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Guppies are the most peaceful organisms, and they are an excellent addition to the aquarium.

Most of the rope fish like to eat live food, and these species of rope fish will not eat commercially made fish initially, but after some time, they learned to eat flakes and small pallets.

If you want to save yourself from the trouble, try to feed live fish such as guppies. As guppies are not aggressive, they are very peaceful, but these fish can also become aggressive and territorial when they experience the aquarium.

What Not To Feed Rope Fish?

Rope fish is resistant to dried food, such as flakes and pallets. These dried foods are those to which the rope fish is not adapted. So, rope fish will take their time to get used to eating flakes and pallets.

Some people think that giving pallets as a portion of food to rope fish will be healthy, but this is not true. Meat is a food which is very healthy for rope fish.

Flakes are dried food that is good for the health of rope fish, but they are not good for the aquarium’s water.

This is because the nutrients of flakes get dissolved in the water, and these nutrients are not suitable for the fish present at the bottom side.

So, you should avoid dried food for feeding rope fish. This is also said that you should feed them before turning off the light. This is because you will be sure that fish are not starving themselves.

Last Thoughts

Feeding rope fish is a crucial task to do. However, it does not require a lot of effort, but the selection of food and proper way of feeding is important. It all depends on what do rope fish eat and how often they eat the food.

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