What Do Coral Beauty Angelfish Eat? (Diet & Feeding Tips)

Coral beauty angelfish are popular aquarium fish, and people try many ways to feed them. As a result, many fish keepers have asked online platforms questions about what do coral beauty angelfish eat?

Coral beauty angelfish are omnivores. Coral beauty eats according to what eatable foods come in their way. They can eat algae, shrimp, frozen foods, and many more. Please read below to know more about how you can feed them properly.

How To Feed Coral Beauty Angelfish?

what do coral beauty angelfish eat
What Do Coral Beauty Angelfish?

Algae and Spirulina must be included in the diet of coral beauty. You have to mix different kinds of foods and algae for feeding coral beauty angelfish. Freeze these foods, and provide them to coral beauty.

Coral Beauty Angelfish Care: Size, Lifespan, Tank, Diet, & Tank Mates

They like to eat frozen food. Provide them food at least two times a day, and you should give mixed food to coral beauty, and they can eat in just four to five minutes. Give frozen food to the coral beauty.

If you want your coral beauty to eat food, you must add algae to the diet of coral beauty. They like to eat algae all the time.

Before giving the food to coral beauty, you should first mix three or four types of food and then freeze that food and provide it to the coral beauty.

How Often Should You Feed A Coral Beauty?

You should feed a coral beauty angelfish two times a day. You should provide different foods to coral beauty. Kinds of seafood are best for coral beauty to try to give them different types of seafood, but the necessary food is algae and chlorella.

Cut the ocean nutrition block into quarter parts, provide one-quarter portion in the morning and feed one-quarter of the night. Provide them a tiny layer of dry grass three times per week for the taste.

This is enough food you should provide to the coral beauty. It would be best if you will give seafood to coral beauty two times a day.

This will provide the essential nutrients to the coral beauty. This is a healthy diet for coral beauty, and you have to feed them two average Black Ocellaris in a day.

It is very important to provide the proper food to the coral beauty, and the amount of the food should be exact. It is best for the health of the coral beauty that you provide the right amount of food at a time.

How Much To Feed Coral Beauty Angelfish?

The food that coral beauty angelfish can eat in just five minutes is the right amount of food you should provide. The quantity of food you provide to them is small because excessive food will be harmful to coral beauty.

Coral beauty can eat anything you provide to them. The eating behavior of coral beauty is omnivores, so they can eat anything they find on the water’s surface. You should provide food to coral beauty two times a day.

The food they eat in four minutes is enough for their health. This food is enough for the coral beauty, which they consume in four minutes. Coral beauty fish can eat a lot of food, but you have to provide them limited food.

Does Coral Beauty Eat Algae?

Yes, coral beauty can eat algae. Coral beauty is an omnivore, so they can eat anything you provide to them. They like to eat food that prepares from algae. Meaty foods are also included in their diet, such as shrimp.

The coral beauty eats a small part of their diet daily. In a day, they take food many times but in little quantity. Algae increase the growth of coral beauty, and it is beneficial for coral beauty.

They like to eat foods in which algae are included. Carbohydrates produced by algae and coral beauty use these carbohydrates. Algae is very important for coral beauty.

Will Coral Beauty Eat Cleaner Shrimp?

I have had many tanks for many years, and in that tank, I have kept the coral beauty. I do no keep sweeper, but oppositely like shrimp must be totally good.

Provide food several times a day to them and give them healthy algae. Coral beauty can kill the cleaner shrimp. If they become extremely aggressive, but it is doubtful that coral beauties can eat them.

Does Coral Beauty Eat Seaweeds?

The species of coral beauty is an omnivore, so the characteristics of omnivores species are that they can consume each and everything they find or anything you provide to them. But in their diet, there are mostly vegetables or small frails.

Different types of food are present in their diet. Also, they eat food in which algae is present means algae-based food they like. So, coral beauty loves to eat seaweeds. In their diet, meat is also included, but meat gives to them very rarely.

Why Are Coral Beauty Angelfish Not Eating? 

It is ok if your fish does not eat anything for initial 5 to 7 days after adding to your tank. Because fish takes time to adapt to the new environment, but you can try to feed them with various foods and even if they do not eat anything.

Even after few days, they are not accepting the food. Then you are doing something weird.

If you are not providing them algae, frozen foods, quality meaty foods, specified angelfish, then there may be chances that your coral beauty will not eat the food until you provide these foods to them.

How Do You Get Coral Beauty To Eat?

It would be best if you will think about the tank condition and the selection of foods. During that period, they will swim around the rocks and swim around the food but will not eat.

So at that time, you would provide them soma algae food as mentioned below, and also black worms will attract them to eat. The foods mentioned below will be the best option to feed them.

You should provide them two or three different foods. You must have to mix these foods and if you can freeze these foods, then freeze the food of the coral beauty.

They like to eat frozen food. As we know, coral beauty is an omnivore, so they can eat each and everything they discover or the food you provide to them. But when you prepare the food of the coral, beauty keeps in your mind that algae must be present in their food.

They like to eat algae or food in which algae is mixed. So, ensure that in their diet, algae must be included.


Coral beauty angelfish is a mesmerizing fish to keep in an aquarium, and they add beauty to your tank. Feeding coral beauty angelfish is one of the crucial parts. Coral beauty angelfish can eat various foods mentioned in the above post.

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