What Do Parrotfish Eat? (Favorite Foods & Feeding))

Parrotfish are not like other fish when it comes to eating behavior. Their diet is different than most of the fish which we can keep as pets. This eating habit of parrotfish raises the question in the mind of aquarists what do parrotfish eat?

Parrotfish are mostly known to eat algae in the ocean, and you might have heard about this. But apart from algae, you can also feed parrotfish shrimps, and invertebrates with a lot more food options discussed below.

What Do Parrotfish Eat In The Ocean?

what do parrotfish eat
What Do Parrotfish Eat?


Parrotfish eat algae because the species of parrotfish are herbivores. A large part of the parrotfish food is made from the special kind that rises on rocks. They also like to eat algae which is very important for the parrotfish.

There are many kinds of parrotfish, and almost ninety-five types are there of parrotfish. Few types of parrotfish eat coral polyps also. There is no 50% coral consumption diet that any parrotfish takes. Mostly they eat algae as their food.

Small Invertebrates

Parrotfish eat small invertebrates. Species of parrotfish like sessile, benthic eat invertebrates like to consume small invertebrates. Almost half part of their contains polyps.

Mostly green color parrot fish take polyps in their diet. So when you buy the food for fish, you should keep in mind that B-carotene must be in the food because it helps keep the parrotfish colors’ beauty.

What To Feed Parrotfish? (Best Foods For Parrotfish)

Aqua Master High-grade Feed

This food is one of the best for parrotfish. There is 40protein, 3% fat, fiber 3.5%, ash 16%, and 10% moisture present in this food.

Protein is very important for parrotfish, and it is the best part of this food with 40% protein present. The growth of fish increases because of protein.

Platinum Fish Food

This food is important for the colors of the fish. The color of the fish will become dark by this food no matter what type of fish it is.

There is 58% protein, 5% fiber, 11% ash, and moisture 6% in black color platinum. To preserve the food moisture add in the food. It is also very good for parrotfish.

Aqua Master Blood Worms

It is also a very important food for parrotfish which helps in the growth of the parrotfish. It is available for both large or small fishes. The size of the parrot does not matters because both large and small fish can consume this.

In this food, protein is 60% which is very important for the parrotfish as protein is necessary for the diet of parrotfish. Therefore, it is very beneficial for parrotfish, and you must feed this food to your parrotfish.


Shrimps are available in large packing. We also buy in small packing. Shrimp is the king of protein. A lot of protein is present in shrimp which is essential for the growth of the parrotfish.

Almost 75-80% protein is present in the shrimp. It fulfills almost all the protein requirements of parrotfish.

How To Serve Food To Parrotfish?

You have to serve dried food to parrotfish. It would be best if you will give them seafood. At first, you have to cut the ocean nutrition blocks into quarter pieces. It would be best to provide a one-quarter part in the morning and one-quarter piece at night.

Rainbow Parrotfish: Facts, Habitat, & Diet

Cut the food into pieces and then give it to the parrotfish that they can easily digest that food. You should provide food to the parrotfish two times a day. The time limit is necessary. Provide parrotfish only the amount of food that they can eat in just three to four minutes.

You can serve frozen food to the parrotfish, and you can also serve them live foods rich in protein.

How Often To Feed Parrotfish?

You have to feed your parrotfish two times a day. Parrotfish can eat food even when they are not starving. They will eat a lot of food at a time, so you should limit their food. You should provide food twice a day, and a time limit is also necessary.

Excess amount of food also damages the environment of water and pollute the water. So, take out an extra amount of food from the pond because it was not beneficial for the parrotfish. The excess amount of food can damage the health of the parrotfish.

The right amount of food at the right time is healthy for the parrotfish. So, before food decomposition, extract the extra amount of food.

How Much To Feed Parrotfish?

The best amount you should feed your parrotfish is that which they eat in 3-4 minutes. The proper diet they can take in just three to four minutes after the amount of food they take will be extra.

This extra amount will be harmful to them. The food they take in three or four minutes is enough for their growth. The amount of food they take at the right time is beneficial for them.

Overfeeding is not good for parrotfish. It can destroy the health of the parrotfish. They do not feel comfortable after eating a lot of food. So, you should not provide them excess foods.

Do Parrotfish Eat Rocks?

Algae is an important food for parrotfish, and algae grow on the surface of the rocks. There are few characteristics in the teeth of the parrotfish that they can chew hard things like stones.

Humphead Parrotfish: Size, Lifespan, Food, Facts, & Poop Sand

Parrotfish can eat rocks with their teeth, and their teeth are so strong. But It is not perfectly true that parrotfish eat stones or rocks directly. Instead, the parrotfish eat up corals. Few animals can eat calcium carbonate shells.

In few animals, parrotfish are also included. So they can eat rocks because of their specialty in their teeth. Parrotfish eat rocks, but they didn’t absorb them.

Parrotfish discharge the rocks in the form of sand after some time. So, parrotfish can eat rocks, which is not much beneficial for them, but the algae grow on the surface of the rocks is a healthful food for them.

Why Do Parrotfish Eat Corals?

The teeth of the parrotfish are very special. There are almost a thousand teeth in every parrotfish. In every parrot fish mouth, there are fifteen rows of teeth. They can eat hard things like rocks and corals.

They can eat both soft or hard foods because their teeth are very special. Also, they can take the skeleton of the difficult calcium carbonate. All animals cannot eat these kinds of stuff.

Only a few animals have the characteristics to eat this type of hard food. The parrotfish is one of those animals that can eat hard things like stones or rocks. It is recorded that after time passes, 450kg of sand discharge by a big parrotfish.


The eating habits of parrotfish are slightly different than other fish. The foods for parrotfish discussed in the post will surely help you choose the right foods for your parrotfish.

Feeding parrotfish is not required a lot of effort but surely required a proper way of feeding. If you forgot to feed them for few days, they would eat present anything in the water, including the rocks.

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